Prepare to change who you are...

The way that you're perceived is on a first impression. It may seem a little shallow to you, but it's the truth. A first impression really does matter because that's the only first impression you will ever get. As soon as you walk into a meeting, as soon as you step out of your car, as soon as you enter a restaurant; first impressions are made. It's time to make a conscious choice to change and dress better. People will actually look at you differently.

When people get a better first impression of you, they will see someone different. They'll see someone more confident. Someone that deserves instant respect. A person that has better ideas, more deserving of attention and more receptive to the people around them. Are these things that you're looking for?

Fashionbola is a project of mine to guide men into a better style of clothing, of shaving and just being a better man. A lot of this might feel a bit different for you. This type of change can be uncomfortable. Red pants? Weird. New haircut? Doesnt' feel right. It won't be easy to change, but that's life. Anything worth changing to requires a struggle because it if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

I plan to try to share the different aspects of having good style. This means the shoes you wear, the clothes you wear and the way it fits. I also feel things like grooming or picking the best electric shaver is important too.

Pillars of Men's Style

Men Shoes

Men's Shoes

Shoes will make or break you. The right shoe makes the outfit complete.

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Tailored Clothes

Proper Fit

The way clothes fit is the single most important part of style.

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Shaving and Grooming


The way that you shave & groom, is just as important as the clothing you wear.

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The Whole Wardrobe

The Whole Wardrobe

Getting all the clothes that work together to make a great outfit.

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A New Section for our Female Readers

Changing up your style to something better is important for both genders. The first impression will always be the first impression no matter what you do about it, so you need to really work on this. The more I developed my style, the more I became aware of it. At first, the change to better style will not always feel right. It's more of a chore to do it. For me, I would dress properly for work, but once the weekend rolled around I was back to normal.

As you improve your style, you'll start to notice when you're dressed oddly... well oddly isn't the word I'm thinking about. You just can tell when it isn't working. And you'll also see other people out in public that are dressed right. I've found over time that I dress properly on my days off. It's a weird thing to write, but it's true. A transformation does occur.

I hope you take advantage of this section to get a better idea of your style. Even though this section is a work in progress, the information will grow to help you.